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Dark mode has been a recent feature in almost every technology. And in the release of Tailwind CSS v2.0, dark mode support was released as part of their feature.

While working with gatsby to create my portfolio, I couldn’t find an easy guide. But after so much research, I was able to come up with this solution. And I believe this solution will also help you to easily get things to build up.

Setting up the project

If this is your first time working with gatsby, you should run npm install -g gatsby-cli on your terminal to create a global installation on your computer…

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Sometimes, a user logs in to your application and forgets to logout. Let’s assume there are lots of sensitive information about the user on your application e.g personal information or transactions data. This leaves the user data vulnerable.

As a developer, you are to develop a solution that detects user inactiveness on your application. This solution is to help logout users whenever they are not making use of the application.

In this tutorial, we’re going to build the frontend using react and its hooks. Following the steps should give you a better understanding when working on either Vue or Angular.

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